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Baby Makes Three
Love in Little Tree, Book Three

Digital ISBN: 978-0988601789

Rachel wants a baby. Clint offers his help.
It's that simple...and that complicated.

Returning to Little Tree, Clint Walker had only planned
to serve as the best man in his brother's wedding.
He never expected to be the best man for Rachel Marshall,
at least for the weekend. The bride's cousin is pretty and fun,
and their chemistry is undeniable.

Rachel yearns for a baby, but she hasn't met the man she wants to marry.
Since her father and step-father both left when she was a child,
Rachel knows men aren’t likely to stick around anyway.
She’s determined to have a baby, so she’ll just do this on her own.

When he learns of Rachel's plans to undergo artificial insemination,
Clint volunteers to donate, hoping to ease a lingering guilt from his past.
But as feelings build between them, he faces an uncertain future,
knowing fatherhood is more than providing little X's and Y's
— especially donated the old-fashioned way.

Can he convince Rachel he’s the kind to stick around?

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a Returning Home Romance

Chris Brandt limps home from the Army, less than thrilled with his future,
until he meets Julie Palmer. But he’s done too much and seen even worse,
and won’t get involved with the local bakery owner.
Will the magic of Valentine’s Day persuade him to give love a chance?

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Runaway Bride
Love in Little Tree, Book Two

Digital ISBN 13: 978-0-988601758
Print ISBN 13: 978-0988601765

A Runaway Bride
Grace Marshall fled the church moments before her wedding,
leaving her twin sister buttoned into the wedding dress.
A risky move for a good reason,
and now she has to deal with the fallout.
She expects the town and her family to be angry,
but not this cowboy she just met. Who is he to judge?

With Secrets to Hide
Horse trainer Mike Torres Thompson fabricated new identities for his siblings
in order to keep them together after their parents died.
Different location, different names, different lives.
Once these last two kids are on their feet—and those feet moving out his door,
he can pursue his own dream of a ranch for abused horses.

Then he meets Grace, and all his carefully-formed plans run away like a mustang.

Neither denies their physical attraction, but love?
Can the runaway bride and the responsible family man
overcome their pasts and learn to trust?
Will they be able to take a leap of faith toward a future together?

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The Wedding Rescue
Love in Little Tree, Book One

Digital ISBN 13: 978-0-988601734
Paperback ISBN 13: 978-0988601741

Left in the Lurch...
Rancher Jack Walker anticipates marrying the quiet, lovely artist
who has agreed to become his wife and stepmother to his
six-year-old daughter. Their union will mirror the peace and security
of his previous marriage.

At the Church
Veterinarian Lexi Marshall is tricked into her twin sister's wedding
dress minutes before the bride escapes out the back door. Now
Lexi must tell Jack there is no wedding. But instead of saying,
"guess what," she says, "I do?"

Accidentally Married
Covering for her sister by marrying Jack was a big mistake. But even
Lexi's confession can't untangle the mess when she learns
Jack could lose his family's ranch if they divorce.

Legal problems aside, how will they handle the attraction
simmerlng between them?


"The Wedding Rescue is a full bodied romance
filled with a lot of emotional layers."
3 Stars, Long and Short Reviews

"It's a slow burn type of romance so if that's your favorite
then you need to read this one!
This is the first book I have read by Megan Kelly
but it definitely will not be the last!"
4 Stars, Jeep Diva

"a delightfully sweet and funny read...
The Wedding Rescue isn’t just a sweet romance.
There is an element of mystery/suspense mixed in.
Nicely done amping up the creep factor."
5 Stars, MORWA PAL

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Holly & Ivey: Christmas in Stilton
Digital release, Dec 2012
Paperback, Sept 2014

What happens when old friends become new lovers with opposing agendas?

Holly MacDonald rushes to her former hometown
to stop her friend from marrying an unfaithful groom.
Her old buddy, Luke Ivey, the best man,
tries to prevent her interference.
She's no longer his tomboy pal,
and he's no longer her nerdy sidekick.
They fall for each other despite their different views
regarding the wedding
and the logistics of living four hours apart.

When "The Wedding March" fades and Christmas is over,
will they stay together?

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Santa Dear
Digital release, Dec 2011
Paperback, Sept 2014

ISBN: 9781618426543

Winner of the prestigious Maggie Award
from Georgia Romance Writers
as an unpublished work.

Trish needs a man--but only to play Santa for her son.
Sam wants nothing to do with a career-driven woman.
They decide to keep their relationship platonic.
But Santa Claus might have other plans for them.


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Stand-In Mom
Harlequin American Romance
September 2011
AR 1371
ISBN: 978-0373753758

Book cover copyright © 2011 by Harlequin
Enterprises Limited. Æ and T
are trademarks of the publisher.

He's Got A Lot To Learn

Scott Matthews had no idea Ginger Winchester was a teacher when they first met—he
didn't even know her last name. That didn't stop them from sharing a night of passion.
Scott hoped he'd see Ginger again—just not in his daughter's new classroom!
Yet, somewhere under that frumpy sweater and chalk dust is the sultry redhead
who's been haunting his dreams.

Smart, sensitive and nurturing, Ginger is everything Scott wants.
But when Ginger discovers she resembles his first wife, she fears stepping in
as a replacement mom. She wants a family, but not this way.
She's happy to offer tips on handling rambunctious kids, and even helps
the Matthews family adopt a big, lovable puppy. But when it comes to winning her heart,
Scott must prove to her that she's more than just a stand-in—she's the one.

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Romantic Times Book Reviews awarded Stand-In Mom 4 1/2 Stars
and calls it a "charming romance" and "a runaway good read."

4 1/2 Books from Long and Short Reviews
"rich in emotional detail"


Awarded 4 cups from Coffee Time Romance
"This is a book you will be glad you took the time to read."


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NOTE: this title re-released as No Ordinary Family
in print and digital, June 2019

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The Marriage Solution
Harlequin American Romance
May 2011
AR 1356

ISBN: 978-0373753604


Book cover copyright © 2011 by Harlequin Enterprises Limited. Æ and T are trademarks of the publisher.read an excert



Dylan Ross, Joe's business partner from The Fake Fiancee, has just discovered he's a father--of a four-year-old. His daughter is grief-stricken and inconsolable after losing her mom. She only bonds with the new assistant at the daycare, Tara Montgomery. Tara's raising her three-year-old alone and her ex's parents are suing for custody of her son. She can't get involved with a man right now. Then Dylan, ever logical, comes up with a solution. They'll marry for the children's sakes. But can they keep their relationship strictly platonic? Should they?


Romantic Times Book Reviews awarded The Marriage Solution Four Stars and calls it "a sweet story of love and parenting."

Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!
4 1/2 stars

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The Fake Fiancée
Harlequin American Romance
July 2008
ISBN: 0373752237
AR 1219

Book cover copyright © 2008 by Harlequin Enterprises Limited. Æ and T are trademarks of the publisher.

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I'm thrilled to have this book accepted for publication because the mom in the story gives her all for her kids. It's nice every once in a while to remember the sacrifices moms make, which we sometimes don't even know about. Of course, the heroine's sacrifice leads her to the man she'll come to love, but even moms deserve a treat!

Joe Riley needs to tread carefully with his matchmaking mom until he's reassured of her recovery from a heart attack. Caterer Lisa Meyer agrees to pretend to be his fiancée in order to earn money for a special program for her son. Joe discovers parenting is nothing like heading up a company. It's way more work! So it'll stay strictly business for Joe and Lisa--unless love can find a way.

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Marrying the Boss
Harlequin American Romance
April 2008
ISBN: 0373752105
AR 1206

Book cover copyright © 2008 by Harlequin Enterprises Limited. Æ and T are trademarks of the publisher.

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Families are crazy, right? As much as you love your relatives, sometimes you just want to pull out your hair. This story looks at what it means to be in a family, in what I hope is an entertaining way. Here's a little background:

Mark Collins is driven to prove his worth to the powerful Chicago family that adopted him so long ago. But in order to earn his place, he has to win control of the family company in a contest with his late grandfather's illegitimate daughter. Leanne Fairbanks, a savvy competitor with her own axe to grind, yearns to show the family what they missed by ignoring her all her life. This "Apprentice"-like showdown is soon overshadowed by the competitors' interest in another prize-each other.

2008 RomanticTimes Reviewers Choice Nominee
~ Best First Book

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